The Passover Experience

The Passover Experience is an interactive presentation that takes participants through a traditional Passover Seder through the lens of the Jewish sages and the writers of the New Testament.

Participants will gain a greater understanding for Jesus and his teachings within his Jewish context and a deeper appreciation for the relationship between Judaism and Christianity.


The presentation can be done for a home group or as part of a worship service (with or without Communion) or in a venue that enables participants to partake of the elements at stations, pre-packed in individual boxes, or while sitting at tables. The more adventurous can incorporate a traditional Passover meal, complete with matzoh ball soup, roasted chicken, and all the fixings (preparation instructions and recipes are provided below).

If you can’t seat people at tables, you may want to consider serving the elements in individual boxes

No matter what format you chose, participants will gain a greater understanding of the Jewish heritage of their faith and have the opportunity to engage with God’s story of redemption that was provided through “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29).


For more detailed information or to inquire about scheduling Justin to present The Passover Experience, contact Click HERE to see if the date you’re interested in is currently available.

Travel expenses, lodging, and a honorarium and/or love offering for Justin’s ministry are greatly appreciated, and due to the high demand for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Holy Week, there is a minimum “fee” on those days.

Larger churches may also want to consider doing this experience with their staff or at a retreat or conference.


     Justin shared The Passover Experience and led our church in our celebration of Communion. It was an amazingly Spirit-led time together and all in attendance remarked how much they learned, how inspired they were, and how blessed they were with a fresh understanding of Passover and Communion, as well as our Sovereign God. What an amazing opportunity!

—Rev. Darrell M. Dunlap, Senior Pastor of Christ Community Church of San Diego

     Justin led our church in a Messianic Passover celebration that was a really great experience for all of us. He was not only able to communicate clearly the significance of the various symbols and ceremonies in the Passover meal, but to do so with a passion for Jesus that was contagious. Justin was even able to adapt his regular program effectively to our multicultural crowd.

—Cody Lorance, Pastor at Trinity International Baptist Mission and Director of 1Stone Collegiate Ministries

     Justin has come to several of The Traveling Team IT Projects to lead our students through the Passover Seder. Every year his presentation is rated by our students as one of the top presentations of the summer. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Seder meal and how it relates to and reveals the life and ministry of Jesus. It has been an honor to get to know him over the years, and I would encourage anyone and everyone to have him in to teach on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.”

—Bryan Padgett, Keynote Speaker and Team Leader for The Traveling Team (2003-2008)

For an example of The Passover Experience, follow the link below to a video of one held at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois:
The Passover Experience at Willow Creek Community Church

Click here to read a news article about The Passover Experience at Open Door Christian School in Elyria, Ohio (April 17, 2014)

What Every Christian Needs To Know About Passover

For a great resource on Passover and its relationship to the Christian faith, check out What Every Christian Needs To Know About Passover: What it Means and Why it Matters by Rabbi Evan Moffic

And in case you’re wondering if Christians should host or participate in a Passover Seder, please read—Yes, Seders Are For Christians*—by Michelle Van Loon.

     Exploring the Passover story helps us learn more about the context of Jesus’ own religious and spiritual life, and it sheds light on Easter, the resurrection of Jesus, and the meaning of redemption. But the magnificent drama and depth of the Passover story also gives us a powerful framework to understand the journey of our own lives.  —Rabbi Evan Moffic


  1. The Passover Experience Preparation Checklist (head and participant table set-up instructions)
  2. Diagram of how the tables should be arranged
  3. Haggadah Program (copy front to back and fold)
  4. Suggested Service Order if the presentation is being done during a morning/evening service (instructions are included for the individual Seder box option)
  5. If you’re incorporating a traditional Passover meal, here are several recommended recipes for your menu

Contact for more information or to inquire about a possible date to schedule Justin at your church, conference, retreat, small group, class, etc.

Due to the demand for The Passover Experience during Holy Week, churches with regular weekend attendance of 500+ will be given preference for scheduling. Thanks for understanding.

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